Yoga Benefits: Finding your Truth

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January 17, 2020
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January 31, 2020
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Yoga Benefits: Finding your Truth

As we continue our month of looking into the truth, we have been exploring how yoga can aid in that process. There are schools of thought in the yoga world that believe that is the meaning of the practice of yoga; to discover our truth, and perhaps even our own purpose.  

Please, please take the opportunity to read the wonderful Laurie Dean’s article in Crazy Wisdom, if you have not already. We have a few paper copies left in the studio, and you can find the most recent issue here, on page 123:

In this issue, Laurie tackles the concept of Dharma, or life purpose, described by Rod Styker, as our Dharma Code. When we are out of line sync with our dharma, we feel that “longing for purpose, the drive to become who you are meant to be.” One specific part of Rod Stryker’s description of dharma that resonates deeply with me is that .”… dharma focuses on how you embody virtue in your day-to-day life.” 

The Four Desires by Rod Styker specifically discusses this path to purpose. We do this by looking at ourselves in an honest way, and look for a path forward, through both short term achievable steps and in terms of long range goals (also achievable!). This sort of unpacking and undertaking can feel overwhelming. Both as something that we try on our own, and as a workshop. 

Trust me… if you have been following along, we may have developed a sense of trust 🙂 … that working on finding your way to YOUR truth in a group can be intimidating, it can also be SO rewarding. The struggles that get in the way of our purpose often contain common threads. Sharing this experience, and working through exercises in a silent yet shared space can be so enriching. 

Laurie is a PHENOMENAL guide through this soul-searching, truth discovering material. We have an opportunity to walk this material together next weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. What a gift to yourself (and likely those around you!) Let’s continue to walk this truth together.