Yoga Philosophy: 3rd Chakra – Manipura

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April 18, 2019
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May 9, 2019
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Yoga Philosophy: 3rd Chakra – Manipura

This month, we are moving up the wheels of energy in the body, and much like our exploration of authenticity getting a little deeper, and a little more involved. The third chakra is located somewhere near the navel, and is thought of as the place where we create heat and fire to burn away that which no longer serves us.

The Manipura Chakra is also where we harness our courage, our self-confidence and our purpose. We often look at our first two chakras in a similar fashion as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, with the first two energy areas as tapping into our basic needs, and now we have the chance to get in touch with our true purpose. This type of exploration take courage, which is why so many postures associated with the third chakra exude heat and radiate strength.

Our pose this month, Boat Pose or Navasana is a posture that builds heat, strength and can be a place where we tap into our own courage and conviction. Other postures commonly associated with our Manipura Chakra are our Warrior Poses. That strength through the core that both grounds the legs, and lifts the abdomen. These postures are named and strength and courage, and often help us to find and connect with that space.

Another aspect of the Manipura Chakra that we often overlook as we are striving for that Agni, is that this Chakra space is ALL about building community. When we describe lines of energy, especially in standing poses, so many of those energy center emanate from the core center, and radiate out through the limbs. We often times refer to that as the “community of the body” when all these energies and extremities are coordinating and working together for these splendid results.  

Over this next week spend some time exploring this energy center. It can help us to tap into our authentic selves. 🙂