Yoga Philosophy: 6th Chakra – Ajna

Yoga Benefits: Tapping into Intuition
July 19, 2019
Meditation on the Breath: Location
August 2, 2019
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Yoga Philosophy: 6th Chakra – Ajna

Last week we dove into how yoga gets us in touch with our own intuition, and there are so many opportunities to get in touch with that deeper all knowing space. Another perspective on this work and opportunity is through our lens of the chakras. 

The Ajna Chakra is often referred to as the “Third Eye” and is located in the space between the eyebrows, slightly higher on the forehead. This space is identified as a place of wisdom, and where we are able to see and know our own truth. When we are drawing inspiration or direction from this energetic space we are tapping into our own insight, and able to act in those ways that feel authentic and genuine to ourselves. 

Typically, we move through these chakras, and invite that purified energy to move up through those energy spaces. When this purified energy touches upon the 6th chakra, we open up to the space of intuition and all knowing. 

Some ways to access our Ajna Chakra:

  • Meditation: one beautiful way to activate Ajna is through Jappa Meditation (we will have more chances for this 🙂
  • Sound: We often connect to these vibrations through this third eye point. We have a lovely series of Sound Journeys and Gong Paradises scheduled through the end of the year. There are certainly things you can do at home, though these connected experiences get into the Ajna Chakra in a deep way. 
  • Asana: Balasana, or Child’s Posture (as well as a few other postures) allow us to rest with the forehead on the mat. This pressure, and guiding the breath to this space is incredibly powerful. 
  • Reiki: energy work can open and clarify our connection with one another. When we are open to this intuition we can connect to ourselves and others!

Let’s find ways to nurture ourselves and our 6th chakra for the coming week. Perhaps in trying something new!