Yoga Philosophy: The Doshas – Vata

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February 9, 2018
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February 23, 2018
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Yoga Philosophy: The Doshas – Vata

In our month of Harmony, we begin a deeper exploration of one of the Doshas: Vata. As discussed last month, Vata relates to a person’s airiness, or relates to the Air element. And those according to the doshas, all of us have some sense of airiness about us, there are some of us that skew towards Vata more than others. According to Ayurveda, the ancient medicinal system, when you are aware of your constitution according to the doshas you can treat yourself in a certain way, and find harmony within the body.

Vatas tend to be: cold, light, dry, irregular, changeable (think flighty ;)), moving. Our vatas tend to be creative and adaptable to change, and are fluid in their thinking processes. In general, those of us with a predominance in Vata are thinner, and find ourselves with cold extremities (hands and feet mostly). This often comes with drier skin and hair as well.

Those of us with Vata leaning tend to love exploration and new experiences, especially those that allow us to be creative. When out of balance Vatas feel anxious and uncertain, and in these times struggle with sleep.

If you are predominantly Vata and feeling out of balance, racing thoughts, sleepless, and racing, it may be time to take a look at some strategies to come back into balance. One of the first keys for a Vata is to slooooooooooooooow down. We know this is hard. Take some deep breaths. Allow yourself the space for a 5 minute meditation, maybe a guided meditation, if you need some support to begin the slowing down process. Setting a regular bedtime, free of distractions is an important step for a Vata when out of balance. Staying as warm as possible is important (I know right now that is a challenge!) Recommended exercises when needing to realign are those that focus on balance and flexibility… sounds like yoga 🙂

Ayurveda believes that food plays a critical role in the balance of the body, and below are just some of the many suggestions for bringing balance to Vata:

  • Eat sweeteners in moderation
  • Warm, oily food is helpful (YUM)
  • Rice and wheat are helpful grains.
  • All variety of nuts are helpful.
  • Cooked vegetables.

Good luck Vatas! Balance for Vatas can be fun 🙂