Yogi Reads- Braving the Wilderness: Brene Brown

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January 18, 2018
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Yogi Reads- Braving the Wilderness: Brene Brown

There are some people that touch your soul in ways that don’t make sense. You have never met them, nor they you, and that feeling that they are reading you… and at different points in your journey can be downright spooky. I have felt that with Brene Brown for some time, and feel in some ways I have been growing in a similar space. Each time for the last 8 years or so that she has published a book, I have rushed out to get it, and then been scared to start it. What would she ask me to strip bare, what would I have to reveal to myself about myself, how vulnerable would I need to be?

I have never regretted one of these journeys… and they have all started in some form of fear. So when our group made the decision to DIVE into this recent book, I said “okay here we go!” and what a wonderful way to move into this subject. I will start a bit at the end, without spoiling it for those of you who are going to be prompted by this and your fellow yogis to get on your library waitlist, or go to the local bookstore to buy this lovely little read.

Brene discussed at length the power of connections, and meaningful connections, at one point referencing a French sociologists term “collective effervescence” and the binds that come from these meaningful connections. Whether these are connections of friends, or strangers brought together by a common purpose. I thought 1) I am using the term ‘collective effervescence’ as often as I can, and 2) what a beautiful group of people to share this journey with than our yogis. These “sensations of sacrednesss” make us feel less afraid, make us feel more connected and make us believe in the beauty of ourselves and humanity.

So to work it back just a BIT, Brene discusses how we get to our points of feeling isolated, how we CRAVE to belong to a something, to any something, and the pain that those journeys can bring. The act of being both comfortable alone, and to seek out those meaningful connections is our journey and bravery into the wilderness. At times we are moving into the wilderness on a daily basis, and at times those foreys are less frequent. Whenever you strike out emotionally, spiritually it is frightening, and she works through the research of others experience while referencing her own journey.

This heartfelt transparency is so endearing. I love that she is willing to weave the personal with the research to show each of us that this is DOABLE, and that the work is hard. There is very little sugar coating from Brene, and it feels so genuine. Though the idea of “Holding Hands with Strangers” makes me make a face (I’ll let you imagine :)) I recognize the power of genuine connection, as Brene says “We are wired for connection. But the key is that, in any given moment of it, it has to be real.”

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