February 8, 2015

Class Schedule

*Please note that during winter months, our studio closes when Dexter Public Schools close for hazardous weather conditions. On these days, there is a chance we’ll reopen in the evening if the weather improves. If the class listed (below) is slashed out, we’ve decided to cancel class – so please check before coming. Thanks!




Class Sign Up


  • $10 First time drop-in
  • $18 Drop-in
  • $145 10 class card (expires 3 months)
  • $125 New Student 10 class card (expires after 3 months)
  • $5 First Fridays of the Month Yin Yoga
  • 5 classes per month3-Month Package $49/month
  • 5 classes per month12-Month Package $59/month
  • 9 classes per month3-Month Package $89/month
  • 9 classes per month12-Month Package $79/month
  • Unlimited classes per month3-Month Package $100/month
  • Unlimited classes per month12-Month Package $90/month

    Prenatal Yoga:

    • $ 20 Prenatal Drop-in
    • $72 Prenatal 4 classes
    • $136 Prenatal 8 classes
    • $288 Prenatal 18 classes

    All class packages expires 3 months from date of first use. 10% discount given to military, students & seniors with valid ID.

    Class Sign Up


    Gentle Basic Yoga: Allow yourself the space to unwind, relax and connect. Gently move through postures with the support of the breath. An inviting space to cultivate calm in your life. Great for beginners and experienced yogis.

    Mindful(Lunchtime) Yoga: Join us for this 45 minutes stress buster, lunchtime break yoga. It’s designed to relax, restore and reconnect you back to yourself. A wonderful time to break up your day and take time for you. Suitable for all levels.

    Restorative Yoga: A deeply healing style of yoga. A gentle flow that opens and warms the body; ample time is devoted to slowing down and experiencing the richness of the present moment. A perfect class to begin your yoga journey or for those wanting to simply unwind and open the body. Suitable for all levels.

    Yoga Nidra: The term “nidra” means “deep sleep” in the Sanskrit language. This guided visualization will allow participants to deeply relax and experience what is known as a “hypno-yogic state.” Upon waking from yoga nidra, the participant will feel as if they have taken a nap. Yoga nidra is profoundly restorative to both the body and mind. Often we will include yoga nidra within a workshop or within a Restorative Yoga class.

    Chair Yoga: This class is practiced primarily sitting in a chair. We move through positions as we would in our traditional yoga class using the breath, tuning into the body and working on flexibility and stamina. We practice standing postures by using the chair as a supportive aid for cultivating balance (if you’re able to stand, although not required in this class). This class is perfect for beginners of all ages and body types, and those with balance issues. All are welcome.

    Yoga at the Wall: This soothing class is practiced by using the wall as both a support and as a way to build stamina. By touching the wall, we can focus on proper alignment and body awareness, and receive the support we may need. This is a creative, fun class and changes things up for our seasoned yogis. All experience levels are welcome.

    Hatha Yoga: This class is a perfect introduction to the physical practice of yoga (or asana – yoga postures). In this style of class, there is an emphasis with breath work and the link between our breath and the postures; ample time is given to explore the gifts of each yoga posture. This practice emphasizes postural alignment and is perfect for all ages, body types and experience levels.

    Vinyasa/Hatha Flow: This style of yoga is the most active, strengthening style on our schedule. Our students experience building heat within the body through an invigorating style of breathing and a fluid series of postures – meant to warm up the body and allow students to connect deeply within. This class is intended for individuals familiar with yoga, although experience is not necessary and all levels are welcome.

    Slow Flow Vinyasa: This fluid style of yoga is meant to bring vigor to the body while increasing flexibility and strength. Unlike a traditional Vinyasa class, this style of yoga moves slightly slower, allowing for students to hold postures a bit longer. All levels are welcome although this class is intended for individuals familiar with yoga.

    Vinyasa/Yin: This class integrates a blend of two different yet complimentary styles of yoga. The first half of the class is a Vinyasa style guided flow to create heat and to cultivate stamina. The class ends with a Yin style of yoga, a deeply healing and restorative style, allowing for students to hold postures for several minutes. This class is open to all, especially those experienced with Vinyasa.

    Yin Yoga: This class is a perfect balance for our fast paced (yang-style) lives. It is a slower more meditative practice, characterized by gentle postures held for several minutes. These postures are designed to release tension and gently stress the connective tissues in our joints. We open the body as well as turn inwards to cultivate an awareness of our selves. Perfect for beginners and those wishing to increase their flexibility – both with the body and the mind.

    Meditation & Yoga for Stress Relief: Learn how to use yoga breath, postures and meditations to calm the fluctuating emotions. A soothing class to recognize the infinite beauty and strength that lies within us all.

    Yoga for Strength: As the name implies, this class is designed for those wanting to build strength within the body. Overall strength helps us in our practice and in our everyday life. This class creatively helps us build the strength we need. Fun and invigorating class, this class is suitable for all experience and skill levels.

    Prenatal Yoga: According to the Mayo Clinic, research suggests that prenatal yoga can improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, increase strength and endurance of the muscles needed for childbirth and decrease lower back pain.  We will not only practice yoga that is suitable and effective for the pregnant body and mind, but will also create a supportive group where we can celebrate this exciting phase together.

    Toddler Yoga: A class for 18 mo – 5 year olds, with their caregiver. Games, music, gentle movement, a healthy snack, stories and quality time spent together. While not on our schedule regularly, this is a special offering. If enough interest, we will offer a 6 week class – please inquire!

    Adult & Kids Yoga Playshop: Join us for this monthly playshop, designed to connect families through the practice of yoga. Enjoy this time of togetherness. Ages 6 and up. If a larger family of 4 – please let us know.

    Location:3173 Baker Rd Dexter MI 48130.  We’re located in downtown Dexter, approximately 10 miles West of downtown Ann Arbor.  Plenty of free parking is located along the street on Baker Rd; the small gravel lot in the rear is for Instructors and Private Lesson students only.  Please us the front entry door; the door off of the side ramp is locked, unless you require handicap access (feel free to contact us beforehand).